Children of 911:

Ground Zero Museum Workshop is honored to have its doors open to children who lost a parent or sibling in the September 11 attacks. Some children were too young to understand what happened that day and now, years later, may want to come to the Museum Workshop to see the heroic efforts that recovery workers and volunteers displayed while trying to recover the missing. If you are a direct relative of a child who lost a parent or sibling and would like to bring him or her for a private tour, please contact us at In addition, will furnish each child with a beautiful, free Teddy Bear and Matt's Cookies of Chicago has furnished us with their signature chocolate chip cookies also for the children. There is no way around the fact that this is a sensitive subject but we will do our best to make any childs visit a special one. Other than only one image of the South Tower collapsing, there are no images here from September 11; the collection focuses on the Recovery and is ve

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