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Thank you, Lunar Pages for your generous donation of this website's server...BIG Thanks to BETH MOREAN & WENDY LATORRE in Florida for your incredible fundraising for Ground Zero Museum Workshop. Thanks to AMERICAN LEATHER in Dallas, Texas for the donation of the gorgeous, white 'ALBERT' Museum sofa. Michael Conk for building us a beautiful, steel display table at COST. JOHN ESTY FRAMING for creative concepts and installations. Thanks to Neil Poch, owner of Tour Mate Systems in Canada for the incredible self-guided audio units! Mohamed & Abbas Khalfan of Signs and Decal Corp... Thanks to FDNY Firefighter and former UFA Manhattan Trustee Rudy Sanfilippo for taking notice of my work in 2001 and placing me into Ground Zero to document… Thanks to the HERSHEY'S STORE in TIMES SQUARE for your donation of chocolates that we hand out to our guests…Zilvinas & my friends at INTERCOM.com web hosting, thanks for hosting this website for free the first three years and for technical support. Doug & Mike Heller, thanks for your input & ideas regarding the design of the Museum...Thanks VEEJAY at Big Apple Visual for making the 3-Dimensional installations come to life with your incredible talent at 3-D images... Jean-Marie at Midtown Lighting and to LIGHTOLIER for your support with the Museum... Tom at Horizon Window Treatments for your quick "yes" to helping us!...Thanks to Colette DeHarpporte of OnPoint Lasers, Ltd. for donating green lasers to our Tour Guides! ..Thanks to Noam Spanier & Family for your support of the museum and my vision...To my loyal friends in the Fire Department of New York...To all the RECOVERY WORKERS & VOLUNTEERS of Ground Zero, The World Appreciates You...Matt's Cookies in Chicago (my hometown), thank you for sending us thousands of your gourmet cookies to give to our Museum guests... Carhartt Clothing in Michigan, thanks for sending us jackets to embroider as WTC Memorial Jackets to sell for charity...Jan Lederman and MAMIYA Cameras for sponsoring me with camera equipment at Ground Zero..ANDRE HLINKA, thanks for building all the installations in the Museum! You are an awesome carpenter! FDNY FIREFIGHTER LEE IELPI, thank you for being my friend and believing in my vision by lending me your support & ideas...Your constant fight to keep the integrity at a high level regarding anything having to do with Ground Zero is admired & respected...FDNY Chief Joseph W. Pfeifer, you are a great listener; patient and helpful and a real mentor. FDNY Chief of Department Daniel Nigro (ret.), thank you for nominating me for the rank of Honorary FDNY Battalion Chief and always advising me on all ethical & moral matters as they pertain to my work in conjunction with the FDNY...Jacquelyn Willard of Lux & Eco for asisting us with the redesign of our website.... David at Chelsea Market Baskets, thanks for your kind donations of cookies to the Museum…Allergy Coordinator Edward Persaud of the Borenstein Center, you are a talented and caring friend who keeps me on track whenever I call on you, so thanks...Kudos to Dr. David Borenstein for giving hope to those with compromised immune systems. FDNY Lt. Brian Bonsignore (ret.), thanks for calling and waking me up in April of 2002 from Ground Zero when the wind was blowing into the pit at 1:00AM so I could finally capture the "Last Beam" and the blowing flag after weeks of waiting...Capt. Bill Butler, that day you hugged and held the widow who was crying at Ground Zero as she awaited word of her missing fireman husband spoke volumes to who you are as a human being...Arnie Roma, your son is definitely #344...FDNY Captain John Vigiano (ret.), you're an amazing man; a #10 on the Richter scale of strength, grit and real sensitivity for others.....FDNY Battalion Chief Steve Zaderiko, a real friend to me since the first day I met you at Ground Zero...FDNY Chief Stephen Rasweiler, thanks for helping me to capture some historical images at WTC……Rev. Mitties DeChamplain, you are a heartfelt woman who performed God's work at Ground Zero on behalf of grieving families without blinking an eye and have been so supportive of me. You're wonderful listener and counselor...And lastly, this website is also dedicated to the hundreds of ground zero workers who have died since 2002; some of whom passed away suddenly after going in for routine surgeries and procedures. That includes young FDNY Firefighter John Masera, who went into a coma and died shortly after having routine hip surgery after the Ground Zero Recovery ended.

These workers, many of them in ssupposedly excellent shape, died because their immune systems could not handle the anesthesia after being exposed to Ground Zero chemicals for all those months. Hopefully, more awareness will surface as to the toxic exposure that WTC Recovery workers were hit with and more federal funding will be allocated by President Barack Obama to help those that struggled at Ground Zero to find the missing so they could bring closure to 9/11 families...



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